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New Brunswick: (732) 247-2295

Newark: (973) 922 - 3443

The New HYBRID InSpira

Traditional AND Online Classes Are Now Available!

Registration Begins August 17

What is Hybrid?

Why InSpira?

An Entire Family Experience..

We Aim To InSpire

Our aim is to instill confidence and self-awareness in each student that will help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Highly Trained Faculty

InSpira dance & music faculty are highly accomplished and work diligently to inspire students to their fullest potential.

World Class Facilities

InSpira offers two world class facilities located in New Brunswick and Newark, NJ where students are afforded the best learning experience possible.

InSpira Pride

InSpira prides itself on its community involvement throughout the year.  InSpira has performances at a variety of events, festivals and social action programs.


InSpira brings families of all backgrounds together and creates opportunities for life-long bonds.

We Care About You!

Because we are family, we are here for you!  Speak to our staff about ways we can help your child reach their dance and/or music goals.

Experience InSpira

  • Academy
  • EXP Classes
  • Little Inspirations
  • Music
  • New Brunswick
  • Newark
  • Staff

Newark EXP

Jazz Tap Hip Hop Horton & More...

Mr. Leon


Little Inspirations



Meet Our Staff

New Brunswick Music

Piano Guitar Vocals

Little Inspirations

New Brunswick

New Brunswick EXP

Ballet Tap Jazz Hip Hop & More


Ms. Kris


Ways To Join The InSpira Family!

Join the InSpira family year-round or drop in on select classes.

Little Kids

The Little InSpirations Program is for ages 2 to 6 years old.  This program is designed to  expose youth to various dance forms such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Acrobatics.

Big Kids

Students are expose them to all aspects of dance such as Ballet, Pointe*, Tap, Jazz, Horton, African, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, and more.

Bigger Kids

Our Young at Heart (also know as adults) thrive at InSpira.  They get to relieve stress, make new friends, and find their alter ego.  Class offerings include: Ballet, Tap, Horton, Jazz/Funk, African, and Soul Line dancing.

Drop In

Don’t like commitments?  No problem!  Drop in on select classes and join the fun!

Why I Love InSpira….

What’s New With InSpira?

We are constantly in motion!  Read about what’s happening at InSpira!